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June 04, 2008


Joanne Huffman

It's a hard path to follow. Good luck to you. I, too, am trying to loose weight and I hate it.



Geez! He wants you to lose 40 lbs.!? You'll be a teeny-tiny little thing if you drop that much! I really thought the oatmeal would help a lot - bummer! Have you tried the baked chips? Do they satisfy? Good luck and kudos to you for recognizing your weakness and doing something about it!

Kathy McElroy

I promise to help you out while your here visitng in TN later this month. I'll keep my eye on you and you can keep your eye on me. I also need to loose some weight before Paris.

Karen Campbell

Geez, Vicki -- I think I may be in the same boat as you. I haven't been very committed to losing weight -- I was exercising like crazy last year -- but college has eaten into my time and I haven't figured out the right balance to keep walking and exercising. My heart races like crazy when I go to bed sometimes -- but it could also be stress.

My twin brother has a heart problem now, so I'm kind of worried for me too.


Wow Vicki... I am with you on the sodium sister... My blood pressure has been high too, and I am trying to cut back on the salt, and it is in everything... So now I have to make everything from scratch... and cut out the pre-packaged foods... Trader Joe's makes a really good no salt spaghetti sauce that is great for anything you need tomato sauce for... I will email you with some other tips too!

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